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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc…

Laying the ground work for my new blog site.

As a foundation for blogs to come, I wanted to post the note I posted on my Facebook site about my Faith and how I came to find it. What follows will be new blogs that will be linked to my FB and Twitter account.  I would appreciate any feedback you have because this is not only meant to hopefully help people who are coming along behind me, in search of the Joy I have found in the Lord, but for those who will come along side me and help me in my Adventure of Faith because my goal is to spread His Joy and Love.  While at the same time learn from many how to come closer to Him.  So please feel free to post and if you wish to keep it private, you can always message me at or message me via FB as a private message.  This Blog is brand new to me, so if you have a question and you leave it here and it doesn’t seem to get an answer please feel free to email me as well.  I am still trying to figure out the ins and outs of how to get notices from here and until I get a few posts I won’t know for sure if I get notices of new posts and the like.

Love In Christ,