Back to School, Back to Basics


So the summer is coming to an end and the kids are heading back to school.  Parents are running around frantically trying to get everything they think their kids will need to start school.  Things like paper, pencils, prayers, proverbs…wait, did I just say prayers and proverbs?  Yep!  You see, while public schools may not have organized times of prayer (for those of us who are still in a position of sending our kids to public school) there is nothing that prohibits us from preparing them to live for Jesus throughout their school day.  When we are buying our daughter’s school clothes we try to buy some of her shirts from stores like C28 in the mall or online so they have bible verses that represent her faith on them.  We also let her pick out folders and composition books with similar messages on them.  Last year we found them at a local WalMart surprisingly. This year she found some folders at C28 that she really liked so we bought those because when your child is showing a desire to express their faith among their friends who are not necessarily regular church attendees it should be encouraged.

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